Magdalena Reising

Magdalena Reising

As a professional musician I’ve released 12 LPs ranging through original folk, [I’m of Polish heritage but bred in Glasgow, so there are both Celtic and mid European influences], to jazz and classical.

During my 5 year residency as harpist on the Cunard Cruise line, travelling the world on the Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary and Queen Victoria ships, I would often play pieces of music that people were about to request, before they asked me. My feeling is that the energy of the harp helped me become more tuned into my own intuition. These years were a rich, adventurous and colourful time of my life and I loved singing with the jazz trio and Dixieland too. It was always such a treat having my family as friends come on board too.

For Special Occasions:

Music For weddings - Ceremony and drinks

Bookings for functions negotiable as solo artist / duo / trio / quartet / orchestra

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