Le Juki

Le Juki

Part of Beatabet collective Le juki bring together a fresh taste of melangerie, referencing classic soul/blues, grime and psych folk, blending lush harmonies and progressive song structures with a child-like simplicity.

A collaboration between former Download star Kassia Zermon (aka Bunty), Lee Westwood and Jules Arthur, Le Juki combines frayed string melodies and twisted synthesisers with toybox beats and violas.

Their songs tell tales of the sea and stick insects backed by soaring strings and skiffle-style percussion, with musical references to classical, prog rock, grime and psych folk.

Individually the band members have toured the UK, Europe and the Middle East, performing at the South Bank Centre, Barbican, Battersea Arts Centre and Brixton Academy.

As a band Le Juki has supported Dizraeli And The Small Gods on tour, and have played alongside Jamie Woon and Polar Bear.

Forest Of Stick Insects is their debut single. Its parent album, Capillaries is set for release on the Beatabet label this summer.

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